Tinkering On The Piano
Tinkering on the keys 11/2018

Music was introduced to me at a young age.  I can remember at family gatherings watching my mother, her two sisters, and uncle playing together. My mother and oldest sister played piano, her youngest sister played the stand-up bass while my uncle played guitar. They wrote their own music and made a few records in their time.

Even though my understanding of music was limited I really loved to hear them play and then started to develop an interest to play, too. Around the age of 9, after bugging my mom for some time to show me how to play, she finally sat down at the piano and helped me to put my fingers on the keys to make pretty sounding notes. It took many many months before I could play anything that made any sense then slowly things started to click. As my skill grew the melodies came together.

Over the next few years, messing around on the piano became a very enjoyable hobby. Also, through my teen years, I learned to play guitar and drums. At that time my brothers (I have four, three are gone now, I’m in the middle) all played instruments, too. We used to play together in our early to middle ’20s and had quite a lot of fun. My big hope was someday to play music for a living. That never materialized and after 45 years I still enjoy making music.